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TKRE aims to be Toronto’s Trendiest Modern Indian Fusion brand along with Holy Shakes, a very popular name for Gourmet Fusion Milkshakes. TKRE popularly known for serving the best Authentic Indian & Fusion Wraps called Kathi Roll, complements fantastically with Holy Shakes.

Our Concept with Indian Street Eatery, TKRE & a Trendy Milk Shake Brand is a Low Investment, High Return business with a vision and mission to grow, serve and revolutionize the Modern Indian Fusion Cuisine & Milkshake style beverages in Canada.

We are currently serving memories in our Restaurants in and around GTA. A Holy Shakes & TKRE store, has been built on our years of expertise of creating an unbeatable taste and simple operations that have made us what we are today. If you decide to become a part of our Family. The Holy Shakes & TKRE team will work with you to establish your own Store, providing you every opportunity indoor or outdoor for success. Our superbly tasting menu is backed up at every step with our experience and knowledge in operations, marketing, training, product development, franchising and above all our passion. We expect franchisees to operate their business efficiently and professionally, in a fun and dynamic culture, whilst providing customer satisfaction and value for money.

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